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We would love to share every single result we have achieved for our clients in the 5,000+ cases we have handled over the last 15 years, but below you will find a selection of recent case results we have achieved for our personal injury clients. To learn more about our experience or how we can help with your specific situation, contact us today. You’ll be connected to one of our team members who can best direct you with next steps (BenGlassLaw is also a recognized industry leader in providing reliable information to consumers about their legal problems before they hire a lawyer).

It’s important to us to note that each case is different. However, we do have significant experience in evaluating, settling, arbitrating, and trying cases. 

Recent Case Spotlight: $4.24 Million Settlement

On September 16, 2018, a drunk driver changed our clients life forever. After spending three hours at MGM casino drinking, he drove home to Burke and caused a massive head on crash when his car jumped the median on a relatively flat road.

Brian’s client spent a month in the hospital and endured many surgical procedures. During two days of trial, she and her family explained to a jury how she had been through hell and how her life had been changed that night.

The defendants blood alcohol concentration was 0.165 at the time of the crash. Despite that, he and his lawyer argued at trial that he wasn’t that drunk, that he only had two beers, and that he was perfectly fine to drive.

After two days of trial, the jury deliberated for about 75 minutes before holding the defendant accountable after three and a half years of his denial. Brian obtained a $4,240,000 verdict against the drunk driver, including a million dollars in punitive damages.

$2,000,000 Settlement

Wrongful death of a 74-year-old who crashed into the back of a tow truck which was stopped in the “fast lane” without proper lighting.  This case settled in the middle of trial in Fairfax County.

$1,400,000 Settlement

Teenage driver strikes 72 year old and causes broken legs, multiple rib fractures, fractured sternum, and injury to the lung.

$1,000,000 Settlement

Drunk driver caused crash requiring a thoracic spine fusion surgery.  Case was settled at mediation with a retired Fairfax County Judge after a lawsuit had been filed.

$866,000 Verdict

Tractor trailer driver crashed into a mini-van requiring the driver to endure multiple hip surgeries.

$515,000 Settlement

Spotsylvania auto accident case in which employees of a funeral home directed a funeral procession through a busy intersection.

$325,000 Settlement

Mother of four was t-boned when leaving her neighborhood in Herndon and required hip surgery for pelvic fractures.

$300,000 Settlement

Fairfax auto accident case involving a t-bone crash and requiring multiple hand surgeries to repair a tendon.  No offer was made by the insurance company before we filed suit.

$300,000 Settlement

Head-on crash in Spotsylvania near Lake Anna where the other driver crossed a double-yellow line.  Our client required surgery to repair abdominal injuries and we were able to recover the policy limits.

$300,000 Settlement

Family of three was rear-ended at an incredible speed in Fairfax County.

$299,000 Settlement

Fairfax County auto accident in which the driver was travelling at excessive speeds and ran off the road.  Our client was a passenger who suffered femur fractures that required surgical repair.

$260,000 Settlement

Fairfax County auto accident case which was settled pre-suit.  Our client suffered a back injury which required a fusion surgery.

$225,000 Settlement

Prince William auto accident case involving a hit and run driver who was ultimately caught by the police.  The injury required our client to undergo a lumbar fusion surgery.

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